Check One Two TV – First Edition – The Icarus Line

I’m happy to present to you the first episode of Mr. Shovel’s Check One Two TV.

Lately it seems that everywhere I turn people are suggesting that I publish some sort of online music blog/site. Not one to ignore a whack over the head with a rubber fish called the universe, I set my mind to the challenge, bounced some ideas around and they evolved into what you will see and hear below.

DIY to the bone, for the fun of the creative process and the occasional collaboration with the artists I admire.

Today’s episode features the premiere of a new song from The Icarus Line’s album Wildlife (End of Aug 2011). Joining Joe Cardamone in the band is Annie Hardy of Giant Drag. 2 Shots – 1 take each, I hope you enjoy.

Thank you,

Mr. Shovel