Danny Masterson’s island and his love affair with The Movies

Check out what our old buddy Danny Masterson is up to lately. The former “Feel My Heat” radio show host (also known as DJ MomJeans) has once again taken some of that fat “70’s show” syndication dough and put it where his heart is. He has opened a performance/recording studio called “Bronson Island” and the first order of business is getting a variety of our beloved local artists in to record a tribute to the band The Movies.

Danny has always been a big supporter of the local music scene in LA and The Movies (who figure prominently in the doc in progress “Pass The Music”) have remained close to his heart though they have dissolved. The Movies got a sweet shot in the arm when the Silversun Pickups covered their song Creation Lake on their 2005 Pikul EP, and frequently performed the song as an encore throughout their rise to the peak of Indie Rockdom.

This particular video features one of my favorite Movies songs “Missed Opportunities” as performed by Light FM who were the most recent band to be featured here in the Check One Two TV series. The great news for Light FM this week is that they’ve been asked to open for The Smashing Pumpkins on their fall tour of the USA. Big congrats to Light FM for the Pumpkins tour, Danny Masterson for the studio and website and a tip o’ the hat to The Movies.