City of Night playlist – KCSN – April 14, 2012


Playlist April 14, 2012
Artist Title
Roxy Music Prairie Rose
Phenomenal Handclap Band Following
Sleepy Sun Martyr’s Mantra
Black Angels Choose to Choose
Horrors Still Life
Rob Giles Keep Calm, Carry On
Little Barrie How Come
Outer Minds Gimme a Reason
Johnny Thunders Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. We Almost Lost Detroit
Gil Scott-Heron New York is Killing Me
Battles Wall Street
Liftoff Shine
Beatles She Said She Said
Radiohead National Anthem
Ultravox. Vienna
Metronomy Everything Goes My Way
Icebird Charmed Life
Maps & Atlases Fever
JJamz Heartbeat
Bear in Heaven The Reflection of You
Cribs Come On, Be a No One
Soso My Women, My Guitars
Here We Go Magic How Do I Know
Moonface Yesterday’s Fire
Psychedelic Furs Heaven
Mazzy Star Halah
Pink Floyd Bring The Boys Back Home (live)

Get a whiff of Gliss in a new Calvin Klein fragrance ad campaign

Congrats are in order for LA band Gliss for landing a track in the international ad campaign for Calvin Klein’s Forbidden Euphoria fragrance. The song “Sleep” appears on the LA trio’s Devotion Implosion LP which was released on Cordless records in 2009.

A NOTE TO BANDS – A lesson to be learned is this: It’s not always bad to not have a label. Cordless, part of the Independent Label Group imprint of Warner Brothers Records was dissolved at the end of 2010. Gliss was released from their contract and the rights to the master recordings reverted back to the band, who also had not sold their publishing rights. The seemingly dreadful news of being released from WBR now means that Gliss is able to keep 100% of the money paid for the commercial use of their song. What will the band do with the money? Record a new album, of course! Gliss are making preparations to enter the studio and have yet to name a producer or say whether they are considering a new label.


Danny Masterson’s island and his love affair with The Movies

Check out what our old buddy Danny Masterson is up to lately. The former “Feel My Heat” radio show host (also known as DJ MomJeans) has once again taken some of that fat “70’s show” syndication dough and put it where his heart is. He has opened a performance/recording studio called “Bronson Island” and the first order of business is getting a variety of our beloved local artists in to record a tribute to the band The Movies.

Danny has always been a big supporter of the local music scene in LA and The Movies (who figure prominently in the doc in progress “Pass The Music”) have remained close to his heart though they have dissolved. The Movies got a sweet shot in the arm when the Silversun Pickups covered their song Creation Lake on their 2005 Pikul EP, and frequently performed the song as an encore throughout their rise to the peak of Indie Rockdom.

This particular video features one of my favorite Movies songs “Missed Opportunities” as performed by Light FM who were the most recent band to be featured here in the Check One Two TV series. The great news for Light FM this week is that they’ve been asked to open for The Smashing Pumpkins on their fall tour of the USA. Big congrats to Light FM for the Pumpkins tour, Danny Masterson for the studio and website and a tip o’ the hat to The Movies.




Pass The Music doc – Mezzanine Owls live audio

One Sunday in the spring of 2008 the crew of this film came in to have a little chat about local music in my office before going on the air to do the Check One Two show on Indie 103.1. Later that night I was blessed with a live-in studio performance from the phenomenal band Mezzanine Owls.

Today the film makers are in the final phase of post production on the documentary “Pass The Music”,
which captures a moment in time in a certain corner of the “Silver Lake scene” from 2007-2010.

They’ve set up a kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds and are close to reaching their goal.
If you’re able, please toss in a contribution to help them get it done. The trailer below will also link to their kickstarter page.

Also, here is the audio from the Mezzanine Owls performance from May 18, 2008.

The fun part was running to and from the lobby (which was about 200 yards away) during the length of a 4 minute song that was playing and getting the five mics set up on the gear that the band threw together in no time flat. I hope you enjoy.


Mr. Shovel


La La La Lobsterfest lineup 2011


This is the third year in a row that I’ve had the privilege of booking the music
for the Port of LA Lobsterfest in San Pedro (Sept 16,17,18).
Today we finally locked in the closing band and the line-up is finished (shown below).

Every year I find myself thinking – “I wish I had room for MORE BANDS”.
Which leads me to a second thought – “Hey, we need to put on shows down
here more often!” What do you think?

This year the grassy area in front of the stage has been expanded and the
stage itself will be larger, so we have ourselves a full on music festival happening.
Even if you’re not craving the crustacean, come and create some memories with old and new friends.

Here’s a clip which was a highlight from last year’s ‘fest.
Watch John Doe and Exene get surprised by….
well, I don’t want to be a spoiler. Just watch the vid.



Here’s a list of bands playing this year.

Friday Sept. 16 –

Andy Clockwise
The Fling
White Arrows
Plus 2 winners of a KROQ local music contest


Saturday Sept. 17 –

Vaud & The Villains
Taiko Project
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Shadow Shadow Shade
Eastern Conference Champions
Light FM
Deap Vally
Judson McKinney
Damsels & TC4


Sunday 9/18

We aren’t able to announce the closer yet, but it will be fun for all.

Lady Dottie & The Diamonds
The Little Ones
Dante Vs Zombies
Devon Eisenberg
and more…

I’ll follow up with more specific info as we get closer to the event.


While you’re here at I invite you to check out the first three
segments of Check One Two TV, featuring new music from The Icarus Line,
Gliss and Light FM.


Mr. Shovel