…..aaaaand we’re back!

I promise to do my best.

I’ve decided to re-activate MrShovel.com for a variety of reasons.

It’s been a busy year in Shoveltown and I want to be able to bring all of my various activities under one umbrella.

The reason I had stopped posting my playlists on this page nearly a year ago was because all of the ‘City of Night’ playlists and audio were automatically being posted to the KCSN.org website and so it was redundant to spend the time to post them here.

As you can see, the last post I had made here was the year end “Faves of 2013” list. As I was beginning to look at this past year’s playlists to start compiling the “Faves of 2014” I realized that the ‘City of Night’ playlists are disappeared from KCSN.org after 3 months. NOW I see why it wouldn’t have been a waste of time to post my shows here on MrShovel.com.

Lesson learned – Nobody else can decide to delete things from my own website, therefore I will begin to post the shows here once again.

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