My folks were swingin’ the “Spectacular Stereophonic Sound”!!!

Occasionally, I’m asked about the music that I use for a “bed” (the music that plays while I’m talking) during my show. This music selection comes from a special stack of vinyl albums that I hijacked from under my parents’ stereophonic hi-fi console. Yes, my folks came of age living an episode of “Mad Men.” Being the swinging 60s, they collected the latest in “Living Stereo!” and “Visual  Sound” percussion records.

The artwork alone is worthy of a gallery, but the tonal quality of these original hipster stereophonic records is like, crazy, man.  Little did they know that I’d be spinning them every Saturday on City of Night. Here’s one of my favorites, A Bunch of Bongos (1960), featuring Willie Rodriguez and the International Stars. The sleeve back declares “a remarkable new development in stereophonic recording. It is called Spectacular Stereophonic Sound, which includes a key element that is not found in other two-channel recording systems—the newly developed Phase X process, which creates a complete panorama of sound.”

Well shit! No wonder it sounds so good, they dropped the Phase X bomb on us!




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