City of Night with John Lydon podcast

I was honored to be visited in the KCSN studio this week by John Lydon of PiL (Johnny Rotten). This is the entire 2 hour broadcast presented in two separate one hour podcasts. The full playlist can be viewed HERE. Enjoy, Mr. Shovel

Don’t miss the second hour, it’s quite amusing. Lydon goes on about Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend and Neil Young among other things.


4 thoughts on “City of Night with John Lydon podcast

  1. It gets better&better.Thank you John&Mr Shovel,Ive heard a lot of interviews this is my favorite by far SO FAR. PURE RESPECT.

  2. Hello Johnny!
    Already loved You for over 30 years!
    Tonight ordered Pil Special Edition.
    And I don’t buy records nowadays,so…
    It was a fantastic radioshow.
    Just like we had in Finland 30 years ago…
    The whole world is full of bullshit in these days
    (and in the history)
    oh god i’m stoppin tthis arse lickin..
    anyway. Love.

  3. Mr. Shovel! This was an awesome interview! I’m a huge fan of the Sex pistols (to the point my dog is named Vicious after Sid)! So thanks for the awesome music and knowledge! And I also saw your post regarding LobsterFest a couple months back and already bought tickets! I’ve gone for the past couple years and always have a blast! Excited to see Jjamz this year! Saw them at the Sunset Strip Music fest this past weekend and they kicked ass!

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