Twin Cities, say hello to Races, No, Saint Motel, Honey Honey and Electric Guest

I’ve been given the honor of being asked to participate in The Local Music Exchange with The Current, a fantastic public radio music station in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St.Paul and the home base of Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media.

Monday through Friday of this week (April 2-April 6) at 6:30pm I will be on 88.5 KCSN with The Current’s evening host Mark Wheat and we will also be on-air in his hometown. Each day we will trade local music picks to be played simultaneously on each station.

There are so many great artists happening in Los Angeles right now and we are glad to be given a chance to highlight a few for the music fans of Minneapolis/St. Paul and right here at home. Click on the pic below for more information about the Local Music Exchange, and for a list the of bands that will be featured this week. It starts Monday with Races.



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