Get a whiff of Gliss in a new Calvin Klein fragrance ad campaign

Congrats are in order for LA band Gliss for landing a track in the international ad campaign for Calvin Klein’s Forbidden Euphoria fragrance. The song “Sleep” appears on the LA trio’s Devotion Implosion LP which was released on Cordless records in 2009.

A NOTE TO BANDS – A lesson to be learned is this: It’s not always bad to not have a label. Cordless, part of the Independent Label Group imprint of Warner Brothers Records was dissolved at the end of 2010. Gliss was released from their contract and the rights to the master recordings reverted back to the band, who also had not sold their publishing rights. The seemingly dreadful news of being released from WBR now means that Gliss is able to keep 100% of the money paid for the commercial use of their song. What will the band do with the money? Record a new album, of course! Gliss are making preparations to enter the studio and have yet to name a producer or say whether they are considering a new label.


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