Pass The Music doc – Mezzanine Owls live audio

One Sunday in the spring of 2008 the crew of this film came in to have a little chat about local music in my office before going on the air to do the Check One Two show on Indie 103.1. Later that night I was blessed with a live-in studio performance from the phenomenal band Mezzanine Owls.

Today the film makers are in the final phase of post production on the documentary “Pass The Music”,
which captures a moment in time in a certain corner of the “Silver Lake scene” from 2007-2010.

They’ve set up a kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds and are close to reaching their goal.
If you’re able, please toss in a contribution to help them get it done. The trailer below will also link to their kickstarter page.

Also, here is the audio from the Mezzanine Owls performance from May 18, 2008.

The fun part was running to and from the lobby (which was about 200 yards away) during the length of a 4 minute song that was playing and getting the five mics set up on the gear that the band threw together in no time flat. I hope you enjoy.


Mr. Shovel


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