La La La Lobsterfest lineup 2011


This is the third year in a row that I’ve had the privilege of booking the music
for the Port of LA Lobsterfest in San Pedro (Sept 16,17,18).
Today we finally locked in the closing band and the line-up is finished (shown below).

Every year I find myself thinking – “I wish I had room for MORE BANDS”.
Which leads me to a second thought – “Hey, we need to put on shows down
here more often!” What do you think?

This year the grassy area in front of the stage has been expanded and the
stage itself will be larger, so we have ourselves a full on music festival happening.
Even if you’re not craving the crustacean, come and create some memories with old and new friends.

Here’s a clip which was a highlight from last year’s ‘fest.
Watch John Doe and Exene get surprised by….
well, I don’t want to be a spoiler. Just watch the vid.



Here’s a list of bands playing this year.

Friday Sept. 16 –

Andy Clockwise
The Fling
White Arrows
Plus 2 winners of a KROQ local music contest


Saturday Sept. 17 –

Vaud & The Villains
Taiko Project
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Shadow Shadow Shade
Eastern Conference Champions
Light FM
Deap Vally
Judson McKinney
Damsels & TC4


Sunday 9/18

We aren’t able to announce the closer yet, but it will be fun for all.

Lady Dottie & The Diamonds
The Little Ones
Dante Vs Zombies
Devon Eisenberg
and more…

I’ll follow up with more specific info as we get closer to the event.


While you’re here at I invite you to check out the first three
segments of Check One Two TV, featuring new music from The Icarus Line,
Gliss and Light FM.


Mr. Shovel


3 thoughts on “La La La Lobsterfest lineup 2011

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  3. Fabulous bands, as always, Mr. Shovel. Look forward to the headliner as well. But Shadow Shadow Shade? (*swoon*)

    (Busy reposting to all my social media sites…)

    Come on down, everyone, it’s gonna be a blast.


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