Check One Two TV – Episode 3 – Light FM

A third Check One Two TV video!? That’s officially a series in my book. Certainly this hasn’t been as eagerly awaited as the next True Blood or Entourage episode but I only mention them so that I might get caught up in the their google search results and get mad page hits. Did I mention that I party with the Kardashians whose fame and fortune came from their dad getting OJ Simpson a not guilty verdict even though he knew OJ was guilty? I just thought I’d throw that in so we can poach the douchbag search engine contingent and drive up our twitter numbers.

The truth is, we’ve already been viewed in 55 countries around the world and I’d like to say hello to our new friends in Senegal, Greece, Cambodia, Thailand and big love to our viewers in Norway.

This episode features new music from Light FM. There is already a very cool music video for this song that you can see here, along with other videos from Light FM and information on The Cave Studio where the band records.

You can see Light FM live at the Port of LA Lobsterfest in San Pedro, Ca. on September 17, 2011.
See you there!
Mr. Shovel


Thanks to these blogs and everybody who posted the Gliss video from the previous post.


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