Check One Two TV – Episode 2 – GLISS song premiere

I may not always have the good fortune to be able to “World Premiere” a new song with each new episode of Mr. Shovel’s Check One Two TV but so far I’ve been lucky.

Last week we premiered The Icarus Line’s blazing new song “All The Little Things” and to my pleasant surprise the video has been viewed in 47 countries around the world.

Now I have the privilege of giving you the first taste of new music from the band Gliss. I think fans will enjoy the steps they have taken into new territory.
Do yourself a favor and plug in some regular speakers or headphones instead of using the laptop speakers so you can enjoy the full spectrum of the sound on this track because it is huge. This stands as a general rule of thumb for all music listening.

Here’s the new official website for Gliss

These Check One Two episodes are done totally DIY and Lo-fi. See if you can guess how I achieved the lighting effects.
This site is meant more as a content creator for blogs than an actual blog itself, feel free to post away.

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Mr. Shovel


Thanks to these peeps and everybody who posted last weeks episode.


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